To help you find things a past-me wrote, here are the archives organized topically. This page was last updated August 29, 2020.


Being Beginners

The Joy of Being an Adult Beginner

The Importance of Being Beginners as Adults

Zero-Waste Lifestyle: The Beginning


Being Human Together

[Zine] This Zine Isn’t Me (It’s a Zine)

My Guide to Writing Online as My Truest Self

The Line I Wish Michelle Obama Hadn’t Said in Her Badass DNC Speech


Book Notes

The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson

Mindfulness in Plain English

Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free by Wayne Dyer


Connecting with Nature

Bay Leaf Wishes

Flagstaff Community Labyrinth

What I Learned Walking 500 Miles on the Camino de Santiago

Why I Left Facebook and Why I’m Thriving Since


Conservation Corps

When the World Conspires with You

Hitch #8: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Hitch #9: Texas (Laguna Atascosa)

Hitches #10 & #11: Arnett Canyon

ACE Glossary

My RMYC Chapter in Six Blog Posts



A Look Inside My Day-Marker Art Journal

A Reflection on 100 Days of Mind Mapping

Behind the Scenes: Creating My 2018 Holiday Letter

Behind the Scenes: Creating My 2019 Holiday Letter

Creative Play: Weekly Strips and Monthly Challenges

DIY: Easy Paper Envelopes Using Wall Calendars

DIY: Easy Envelopes Using Vintage Book

DIY: Poetry Squash Book

Freedom of Menus

Imagination Captured

Personal Projects: Ideas to Kickstart Your Next Creation

Sharing Encouraging Words on Bulletin Boards

There Are No Rules!

Tiny Project Challenge

Unbound: Upcycle Book Art


The Encouraging Times (Submissions)

Caffè Sospeso

Like & Tell

Free Conversations

This Is What Progress Looks Like


Kindness Matters

Be Kind.

I Puked, I Sketched, and then One Man in Munich Changed My Day

Passengers Are People

The Unexpected Email from My Spanish TA on Easter


Monthly/Yearly Reflections

2020: Reflecting – Q2
2020: Reflecting – April
2020: Reflecting – Q1

2019 Year-End Reflections + 2020 Focuses
2019: The Year in Books
2019: Reflecting – November
2019: Reflecting – October
2019: Reflecting – September
2019: Reflecting – August
2019: Summer in Before/After Photos
2019 Reflecting – July
2019 Reflecting – June
2019 Reflecting – March to May
2019 Reflecting – February

2018 Year-End Reflection + 2019 Focuses
2018: The Year in Books
2018 Resolutions Checkpoint – April
2018 Resolutions Checkpoint – March
2018 Resolutions Checkpoint – February
2018 Resolutions Checkpoint – January

2017 Year-End Reflection + 2018 Resolutions
2017: The Year in Books
2017: The Year in Sketches

Notecard Stories

(Illustrated stories handwritten on index cards.)

Never Again

Passengers Are People


Personal Reflections

[Ebook] Compass-Directed Moments

[Ebook] My Decade Living with IBS-D

You Are Supplied for Today and All of Your Tomorrows

Slips of Paper

Space for the Questions: A Reflection on Deep Cleaning My Childhood Bedroom

Real Talk About Money

A Curve Too Severe: Reflections on 12 Years Post-Spinal Fusion



Just Move the Pen

[Poem] Your Words Matter

Christmas Poetry Project


Supporting Cool People

Creatives I’ve Supported in 2018

Creatives I’ve Supported in 2017