Imagination Captured

One of the reasons I like working on trail crew is because so far it’s the job I’ve found where I feel most human: We play, laugh, create, joke, move, and shoot out snot rockets from our noses.

There’s a coworker with whom I’ll often create random poems on the whiteboard, or random phrases aloud—while we’re waiting around the shop in the mornings. He’s one of the most creative, goofiest people I’ve met and it’s such a treasure to be around his random mind. Our creative play happens organically, unplanned.

Here’s a small snippet from a moment this week:

This friend had written the chunk in the bottom right, then passed me the paper. When I read it, I decided to use his format and just change a few things—adding the bottom left chunk.

Then he wrote the “Avoid sleepy mistakes” 2-liner, so I added the “fates” 2-liner. Then he heard in his mind a woman with a southern accent saying “Honey, fate finds you!”

Lastly came the top left chunk, to which I replied with the top right verse.

It’s so fun to playfully create—especially with others!