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Creatives I’ve Supported in 2018

As I did last year, I’ve put together a little round up of some of the creatives I’ve supported this year. My reasons for doing so are to celebrate these people, to share their work with you, and to show some concrete examples of what support can look like. I believe that if we encourage and help the people who are bringing more kindness, creativity, and truth into the world, their impact will expand exponentially. Read more

Creative holiday letter making

Behind the Scenes: Creating My 2018 Holiday Letter

For a few years now I’ve been sending out a holiday letter to friends and family in December. In 2015 my letter was half-paged, typed, and double-sided. The next year I made a one-page (single-sided) letter, but abandoned the keyboard and wrote it by hand with pen. Last year I made a handwritten letter again, but it ended up being four pages long!

I definitely wanted to handwrite my letter again this year, as I love the look and enjoy the process. After some mind maps and scribbles in my everything-journal near the end of November, I sat down one day in December and used post-its to try out different elements. Read more

clean room

Space for the Questions: A Reflection on Deep Cleaning My Childhood Bedroom

While in Texas at the end of November I noticed my Google Drive was above 85% full, so I began a digital spring winter cleaning. I organized documents and files in My Drive, deleted all my old work emails from university, and whittled my 100+ Feedly subscriptions down to just 23.

Many emails were easy to delete, while others made me pause. What if you’re writing a piece or a memoir one day and need to know who said what at this period in time?, I asked myself. If you delete these emails, you’re erasing the past irreversibly.  Read more