Resolutions Checkpoint 2018: January

For the past several years, I check in at the end of each month to see how I’m coming with my resolutions and to pinpoint some specifics I can work on in the following month. It doesn’t take that much time, but without this simple monthly reflection these resolutions would certainly stray from my focus.

Here are my resolutions for the year, which are always prone to change and develop with time.

January Progress

Zero-waste Lifestyle

I meant to write a post this month about where I’m at now with my waste production, so that I have my starting point tracked—but haven’t done that yet.

I continued to use my reusable sandwich/snack wraps on hitch, as well as a plastic container for hitch leftovers. Despite being a conservation corps, ACE doesn’t usually recycle on hitch (unless it’s available at our campsite/worksite). But this past hitch, I started a collection of cardboard and other recyclables, which we drove back to the office (in Flagstaff) and recycled at derig. (Yay, small wins!)

Yoga/Pilates/Hamstring Stretching

I set up my new bullet journal on the 14th of January, and had five checkmarks in my “Yoga” column from the 14th to the 23rd. Although I didn’t track yoga on hitch, this was the first time I actually did some stretching/yoga on hitch (maybe three days?). While I didn’t have time every evening, it felt good when I did make room for it.

The Tuesday before hitch I had three different phone interviews for a farm internship (which I’ve since turned down, FYI) and was feeling really anxious about all of it. I was trying to read a book but couldn’t concentrate at all, I was so stressed/anxious. But in that moment, I decided to do some yoga. I turned on a video and cleared my mind through the breathing and moving. In the past it wasn’t habitual for me to turn to yoga immediately in stressful situations, so I’m proud/grateful that it was my response last week.

Art Journal Regularly

This is where I’ve done the best this past month. As you saw in my last post, I started a new day-marker art journal in January and hadn’t missed a day until this past hitch. I brought it along on hitch and made some collages the first few days, but there were a few evenings where there just wasn’t time to pull it out (usually on cooking/washing nights).

This is totally fine with me, as I don’t want to stress myself out with this, but rather enjoy the time creating in there. So as long as I get back into the swing of art journaling on off days and keep bringing it on hitch, that’ll be excellent.

I checked out a couple of books from the library this month which have helped spark ideas, as well (one on collage, another on hand lettering, another on creative ideas, etc).

Create One Bigger “Thing” Quarterly

On January 15 I started work on my IBS story by pasting old blog posts and emails into a huge Google Doc. Then during my first three days back in Flagstaff I came to the library twice and worked on it. After that, I was gone on hitch for eight days and I just got back yesterday afternoon.

I’m typing this very post from the library, so I’m getting into a routine of coming to the library multiple times during my six off-days in Flagstaff. However, I may need to lower my expectations on this one while on my ACE schedule, as I’m gone on hitch over half of each month.

Bits and Pieces

There’s just one bit from here that I want to touch on in this check-in:

  • Write in poetry notebooks weekly — I haven’t been back in my poetry notebook since this post, though I did bring it along with me on hitch. I think I need to change my resolution from publishing a poetry collection to filling x notebooks with poetry exercises.


February Focus

So, all of that said, here are some concrete things I can do next month to work towards these resolutions.

Zero-waste Lifestyle

Yoga/Pilates/Hamstring Stretching

  • Track in bullet journal. (And bring bullet journal on hitch if I’m front country.)
  • Do yoga at home at least four of my six off-days.
  • On hitch, do just 5 minutes of stretching after the work day. Do it from inside my tent if it’s cold.

Art Journal Regularly

  • Track in bullet journal.
  • I’ll aim for creating a day-marker page 20/30 days this month.
  • Read two more chapters of the art journaling PDF I bought last month.

Create One Bigger “Thing” Quarterly

  • Go to the library at least twice per set of off-days.
  • Write for at least 30 minutes each session.

Bits and Pieces: Poetry

  • Carry poetry notebook and pen with me.
  • Do at least two exercises per week.
  • Track in bullet journal.

These are the directions I’m heading towards in February. You’re welcome to use this space for your own monthly reflection, as well.

What went well in January? What direction would you like to move towards in February?