2021: End of April — A Breathing Pause

I’m partway into May, feeling settled in my new home — with just me here. A housemate will move in on Friday and energy will shift and I will adjust.

But for now, it’s been two calm weekends alone at the house, which is just what I need. Just my rhythm.

April Reflection

Looking back at April through the lens of my three intentions:

1. Spiritual Devotion

I got back on ACIM, and actually scored a book at Bookmans which has all three books together (text, workbook, teacher’s guide) in one, with very thin paper — making it lighter than my hardcover workbook. I haven’t begun reading the text yet, but feels great to hold it in my hands.

This weekend I had a ceremony to welcome my home and acknowledge the transition. I’ve found more spiritual books to read, and the no-wifi-in-house makes a great environment to sink deeper into this.

2. Creating

I started an impromptu 30 days of poetry back in April, and yesterday was Day 30! I wrote a page in my tiny notebook each day, and it never felt burdensome. It was a light, fun personal thing to do, which kept ideas churning and kept play at the forefront. It was also nice to have that project going on during the move, as it was a constant from PPI, the drive, and my new home.

This past weekend I scheduled 30 minutes of writing each day (that’s 3 days, as my weekends are 3 days long), working on a new zine. This feels like a weekly thing I’d like to continue into May.

I bought a crochet hook and yarn as a birthday present to myself. It take more energy to work on, because it’s a new skill I must learn. I want to spend time on this each weekend for the next month, so that I give it a fair shot.

With the longterm ultimate goal to crochet with fabric to make a crocheted fabric rug. I love the looks of these! I would love to make one! This is certainly an exercise in being a beginner. It takes focus and concentration and effort.

3. Closing Loops

This often looks like doing the non-fun tasks right away, instead of letting them sit and weigh in the background for weeks and weeks, and I like it!

That means, I traded in a stack of books after my first week of work.
I got vaccinated after my first week of work.
When I bought something from Goodwill that didn’t fit its use, I brought it back to the store to re-donate on my next visit.
I mailed a book to a friend last week, instead of waiting for another day.

Moving forward, I want to focus on #1 and #2 in my new living situation. It’s felt easy to have time for these when I have slow mornings to myself, but what will it feel like when there’s another energy in the house? Another presence? Will I spend mornings in my room instead of at the kitchen table? Will I have to create new routines?

My biggest health things are that I want to feel
+more energetic
and I’d like to help my body adapt to the sun/heat.

May Intentions

So, May intentions are:

1. Spiritual Devotion

– Morning & Nightly ACIM
– Nightly gratitude journal
– Sunday Spiritual Journaling

2. Creating

– 30 min. writing F/S/S mornings (zine)
– 30 min. crochet
– Continue daily poem if it feels fun

3. Closing Loops

– Wedding gift

6-month Flagstaff Goals

And them putting them somewhere for documentation, here are some ideas of location-specific experiences I’d like to have while in Flagstaff these next six months.

+ One new salad a month
+ Hike the Flagstaff AZT chunk I skipped in 2019
+ One new trail a month
+ Email local singing group (to possibly join)


Sending love and light to you, on this day.