This Zine Isn’t Me

This Zine Isn't Me


This Zine Isn’t Me” is an exploration of self-identity, the complexity/depth of a human being, the relationship between creators and their creations, and how we can make space for nuance and humanity in our world—using moments/experiences from my life.

You might like this zine if…

  • You’re a fan of handwritten creations, made with heart
  • You think about who you are, how others view you, how you view others (and how all three of these change over time); how to exist with ever-changing people; the magic of creativity and humanity; why it’s so important not to put people in boxes
  • You value kindness, reflection, creativity, community, encouragement
  • You want to read something optimistic/hopeful
  • You like snail mail surprises
  • You’re a fan of Alexandra Franzen‘s work

What readers are saying:

“I read your zine and I LOVED IT! It was just so perfectly worded and flowed beautifully and made me recognize so many things and how much it paralleled our conversation last night”

-Elle, Oregon USA


“I just finished your zine. I really enjoyed it! Your handwriting, illustrations (esp. the waves), and organization. It was beautiful, and I could truly feel the love you put into it. I feel like I am reading it at the perfect time. … Thank you for creating it and sharing it!”

-Luke, Wisconsin USA


“I loved it! Thank you. I’ve had a lot of the same questions / feelings ESPECIALLY w/r/t career, identity, that “what do you do” question. I’ve been having a lot of trouble / anxiety in large group gatherings recently and realized, after reading your zine, it’s because there is less space for nuance and oceans in bigger groups. That was super helpful! Thank you for making this!”

-Ashley, Wisconsin USA


The details:

  • 82 pages
  • Handwritten and illustrated
  • $20 (U.S. shipping included; add $1 for international) or trade (see below)
  • Published December 2019

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Update 5/2021: I’ve just made 10 more copies, but they copied centimeters off center from how I’d ideally like the pages to look. Everything is totally readable, and perhaps only I’d notice the difference, but use the discount code “offcenter” at checkout for $5 off one of these copies!

Trades: I’m totally open to trades! Just shoot me an email: rebeccarosethering [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll chat.