Reflection, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Anchoring

Below are six resources I’ve used this summer/fall for reflection, encouragement, inspiration, and anchoring.

“Ask & Answer”: Q3 Reflection Workbook by Nicole Antoinette

On Sunday morning, after a 2-hour reflection video call with Nicole and my fellow retreat friends from January, I sat down and worked through Nicole’s journaling prompts in her Q3 reflection workbook: “Ask & Answer.”

It felt good to take that pause, and the prompts dropped me into my body and offered valuable reflection.

Alexandra Franzen’s Fundraiser Courses

My lighthouse Alexandra Franzen now offers monthly fundraiser courses (donate any amount to the non-profit selected that month, and you can attend the class!), and they’re fantastic. They’re full of encouragement and hopeful energy. Honestly, there was a class whose topic I wasn’t interested in… but I watched anyway simply to feel uplifted. (It was so worth it! Alex shares her warm, positive energy generously.)

Here are the classes to date, which you can still attend via recording:

“The Gift That Can Last Forever” by Julie Merrick

At one of the above Alexandra Franzen classes—which I was able to attend live—I met Julie Merrick via a Zoom private message. (I hadn’t even known you could do that on the platform!)

Julie is a fellow fan of snail mail, and has given a TedX Talk which beautifully reminds us of the power of handwritten letters: “The Gift That Can Last Forever.” Discovering this gem only reaffirmed my love of snail mail, and I’m deeply grateful her talk exists. Watch and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to write some words on paper for a person you care about.

Luke Thering’s SCRAPBOOK

My brother has started a fun new musical project, from which I’ve gained lots of inspiration. It’s called SCRAPBOOK, and it consists of short video clips put to music. Just watch one and see!

Here are the parts to date:

“A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson

On work days, I read a page or two from a Marianne Williamson book while I’m eating breakfast. Currently I’m on my third read of “A Return to Love,” and will switch to another book of hers when I’m finished.

The text grounds me and gets my mind in a better place for the day. I read with a pen and underline often. There’s always a pertinent lesson or nugget I can take with me and try to put into practice during the day.

Molly Caro May’s “Name Your Anchors”

Finally, I’ve already written about Molly’s “Name Your Anchors” here on the blog, but wanted to mention it again alongside these resources. “Name Your Anchors” is a free, monthlong writing experience that you can begin any time.

You’ll receive a 5-min. prompt each day via email, and then you move your pen for five minutes. It’s simple, powerful, and transformational—plus connects you to hundreds of humans who have gone through the same experience. All humans warmly invited.

I did the prompts last month, and highly recommend it.



Where have you been finding encouragement or inspiration lately? Reflection? Anchoring? You’re very welcome to share any resources below!