Hi there! I’m Rebecca and I’m 31 years old.

Rebecca Thering 2018

I feel most alive when I’m learning something new / growing in some way,
and when I’m connected to my higher self / Oneness / present moment / spirit / inner universe / Mother Earth. (There are many different words for this experience; I’m still playing around to see which feels most resonant to me at this time.)

Lately, that learning has involved exploring my Inner Universe.

My days are often filled with much space and solitude.

I usually don’t know where I’ll be living six months from the present. Since my surroundings continually change, here are some of my cozy constants:


Becoming, Bit by Bit

I believe we are and become so many different people in the span of a lifetime. Who I am today is not who I was last month, and I’m excited to meet myself in a year. So what about our thoughts that have been captured in writing—what do they tell us about the person who wrote them?

Natalie Goldberg captures my feelings superbly in this passage from “Writing Down the Bones”:

“They were my thoughts and my hand and the space and the emotions at that time of writing. Watch yourself. Every minute we change.”

For tiny evidence of becoming and shedding past identities, here’s how I described myself on this site in 2017: