Hi there! I’m Rebecca (she/her) and I’m human being, as are you.


I am a person who sees the interconnectedness of all life.

I am a person who is grieving and experiencing a lot beneath the skin these days.

I am a person who sees so much good in the world, in all the people I meet, and tries to share that light with others.

I am a person who makes with my hands for the joy of creation.

I am a person who sees the beauty/magic of everyday moments—their fluidity, fragility, possibility, and interacting energies.

I am a person who thrives with space—days and days spread ahead of me, only putting color on the palette a moment at a time, trusting the Universe.

I am a person who deeply feels the impact of a warm smile, a welcoming question, a letter in the mail.


The sun lights me up. Change is my constant.
Slow is my rhythm. Walking is my movement.
Blue and teal sing to my soul.
Tea warms my cup. Playfully creating warms my heart.
I send snail mail, decorate envelopes, and write by hand.
I notice, observe, document.
I hug trees for comfort & make myself banana chocolate chip pancakes every weekend.
I’m eager to browse any bookshelf. (Here’s what I’m reading now; here’s what I read in 2020)
I’ll happily encourage others to create (anything!) and be adult beginners



Becoming, Bit by Bit

I believe we are and become so many different people in the span of a lifetime. Who I am today is not who I was last month, and I’m excited to meet myself in a year. So what about our thoughts that have been captured in writing—what do they tell us about the person who wrote them?

Natalie Goldberg captures my feelings superbly in this passage from “Writing Down the Bones”:

“They were my thoughts and my hand and the space and the emotions at that time of writing. Watch yourself. Every minute we change.”

For tiny evidence of becoming and shedding past identities, here’s how I described myself on this site in 2017: