2021: End of February – A Breathing Pause

Yesterday, after hanging my laundry out to dry, the mess in my bedroom called for attention.

I began to put away, pick up, vacuum.

Next thing I knew, I was pushing furniture and rearranging the entire space.

An hour and a half later, I could feel the change in energy of the room.

It was a welcome external change to the internal shift I’d felt just days earlier.

Then I realized—this morning—that yesterday had been the last day of the month. And so I’m here, reflecting, checking in, pausing as I continue to breathe.


Q1 Intentions: February (Looking Back)

1. Spirituality

Here were my spirituality focuses in February:

Story MammalThis has definitely been a focus, and is a wonderful place to give my energy/time. Immediately useful content, warm and loving community, feeling of connection in the Zooms. So grateful I went for it when I saw the offering.

Gratitude journal. This has become a nightly practice that I look forward to; it feels great.

Daily ACIM. Today is Day 47, so I missed a good chunk of February, but wanted to give the daily exercises my full attention. It still feels right and important to continue on this path. (Who will I become, I wonder, if I follow the thought-trainings for the full 365 days? I want to meet her, greet her, be her.)

February Spirituality Actions:

  • (x) Make Compass with the new directions. It sits in a visible place in my room, and I’ve picked it up a handful of times to breathe into the directions.
  • (  ) New quotes for room. This hasn’t happened yet, but feels like it’s next-up ever since I rearranged my room yesterday; could happen this afternoon.
  • (x) Use Spirituality notebook to take notes / digest while reading / podcasting. I slowly rewrote my notes after each Shamanism book club, and after Starhawk’s Magical Activism gathering last month.

2. Feldenkrais

  • Two classes per week of “For Standing, Walking, and Running” collection.

I did one and 3/4 classes this month. The first collection of classes that I did in January were 30-40 minutes, but the classes in my current collection are all an hour each. I think this time commitment is one reason why I was less apt to go for it, given my energy levels on any given day. [Other reasons: All the energy going to SM, TT, Being a Human in the World!]

I did notice my large Feldenkrais gap, and will try to gently turn the boat going forward, if it feels right.

3. Close Loops

I closed many loops in February (things that would feel good to finish), and have a few more things I’ll continue tying up in March. The completed:

  • (x) Taxes, states and federal! Woo hoo
  • (x) Transfer Mind Maps to RRT.
  • (x) Transfer Trains on Main to RRT.
  • (x) Transfer Personal Compass to RRT.
  • (x) Korean food guide.
  • (x) “I didn’t realize” article –> zine page
  • (x) Print new car insurance cards
  • (x) Put Seinfeld on lounge computer
  • (x) Left a not-right fit when it was clear


Goodbye with Gratitude, Greeting with Grace

I thank you, February, for illuminating my growing strength.

Thank you for blessing me with so much love in the mail from friends and allies,

and for the smiles and laughs shared here.

Thank you for blessing me with a summer job, in the most miraculous of ways,

and for waiting so patiently as I struggled to see the gift.

Thank you for gifting me the space to Story Mammal safely in loving community,

where I’m learning about my inner workings.


I welcome you warmly, March.

I ask that you keep me and my loved ones safe,

such that I may focus on my spiritual mission.

Please continue to bless me and guide me into concentration.

Help my thoughts merge with Goddess to see the love within each being,

available to me in each moment.

So mote it be.


March Guiding Goddess


“You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected,” she says.

So I may ease my mind of concerns and concentrate on my sacred calling.


Q1 Intentions: March (Looking Forward)

1. Spirituality

Story MammalContinue strong during the final two weeks. The classes/forum get my energy first.

Gratitude journal. Again, continue with this each night.

Daily ACIM. Continue!

March Spirituality Actions:

  • New quotes for room. (Select, create, post up.)
  • Visit virtual altar.
  • Listen to Reclaiming chants. Recently re-discovered a huge library of Starhawk’s chants, etc, and I want to start weaving them into my days.
  • Use Spirituality notebook to take notes/digest learnings. Continue.

2. Feldenkrais

  • One class per week, as feels right, to finish “For Standing, Walking, and Running” collection.

3. Close Loops

  • Photos from phone –> computer
  • Back up photos on external hard drive
  • Trf Plane Tales
  • English camp #1
  • English camp #2
  • Site brainstorm


  • I’m participating in Alex Franzen’s Give/Ask/Receive challenge this week, for 5 days. Noting here because that will get my energy this week, too.
  • I’d like to drive somewhere this month. I haven’t left this property since I arrived in November, partly to covid (there were periods where we couldn’t leave if we wanted to), but mostly because everything I need is here. I’m also not familiar with the hilly, windy roads of this area, so that’s more gravity that keeps me home. To help strengthen up for a move to Arizona at the end of April, I thought it’d be a good idea to go for a small drive this month… to the beach, or perhaps a trail head.


We pause, we breathe.
In slowing, we see more clearly.
In breathing, we are here.
Grateful for your presence.

Sending light and love.

Breathing in and out, here and now.