Freedom of Menus

Last month, a friend from my January retreat/ongoing mastermind shared with us that she’d made herself a menu of options for her mornings. Instead of sticking to a “morning routine,” now when she woke up she could look at the menu and pick whatever felt best for herself that particular morning.

A menu!

As soon as she shared this, I immediately wrote it down and drew a box around it.


It was a fantastic flip. Rather than a “list,” which often rings up heavy tones of to-do, this was a menu.

Usually we are given menus at restaurants, where we’re seated and served. It’s a special treat. It’s a fun, relaxing environment.

We ask ourselves… What am I craving right now? What would taste good to me? What would I like the chef to cook and prepare?

Making a menu for yourself asks these same questions in different contexts, allowing space for our changing needs and feelings. Here are wonderful options tailored to you, which would you like?

It also shows that we can serve ourselves; giving ourselves what we need is a treat. When I choose from this menu, I’m treating myself! That feels so much lighter to me than “I need to do something on this list… dun dun dun…”


Days later, another friend from the mastermind sent us a picture of a self-care menu she’d made for herself: a collection of concrete things that make her feel good.

That message inspired me to brainstorm a Grounded Menu right then and there: things that make me feel grounded. I ripped out the notebook page and have kept it up on my dresser/altar ever since, turning to it when I’ve felt ungrounded and choosing an option.

Ways to Feel Grounded

Two weeks ago, while chatting with two dear friends, one expressed an interest in learning how to chill the fuck out (as in, releasing the socialized pressure of feeling like one needs to be productive during off/down time), and I offered the suggestion of a menu. The idea was warmly accepted.


I’m finding menus such a freeing, fun creation!

Furthermore, restaurant menus are continuously updated as seasons change, as new dishes are created and tested. Likewise, your own menu items can be added/removed/modified at any moment for any reason. There are no rules and there’s no audience!

If it sparks something in you, take this idea and run with it… however you’d like. If something has been feeling sticky or challenging, could a menu offer some ease and play? Or if you’re wanting to feel a certain way, might a menu be helpful?

Some ideas:

  • Chill the Fuck Out Menu — to relax fully with ease
  • Grounding Menu — to feel deep-rooted
  • Morning Menu — to start the day in a nourishing way
  • Magical Menu — fo feel magical and play with magick
  • Calm Menu — to feel calm and present
  • Body Movement Menu — to move my body in ways that feel good
  • Creative Play Menu — to have fun playing creatively
  • Shake It Up Menu — to move/change energy when things feel stale

Or add another seat at the table and make a menu with a close friend, with a partner, with your children, with your family, with your coworkers. Have fun!

It doesn’t need to look a certain way or be well thought-out. If this excites you, just grab a pen and jot down the first ideas that come. Remember, you can add and remove as often as you’d like.

A menu written out to use is better than a thousand menus trapped in the mind. (aka The best tool is the one you use!)


Have a seat right this way.

Here’s a menu just for you.

What would you like?