This Zine Isn’t Me

This Zine Isn't Me

This zine is an 82-page handwritten exploration of self-identity, the complexity/depth of a human being, the relationship between creators and their creations, and how we can make space for nuance and humanity in our world—using moments/experiences from my life.

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Compass-Directed Moments

Compass-Directed Moments-CoverIn the fall of 2016, after deciding to leave my virtual editing job and remain unemployed for up to a year, I found myself looking at a huge amount of unscheduled time in front of me. To gauge my progress during this “Personal Sabbatical” of sorts, I created a personal compass. “Compass-Directed Moments” is a collection of stories that took place throughout the year, sharing moments in which I pushed my comfort zone ever so slightly to follow my compass.

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My Decade Living with IBS-D

My Decade Living with IBS-D Cover ImageFor over a decade I suffered from IBS-D. My digestive health is now restored, but I went through several transformations along the way: changes in my perspective on the Western medical system, the role of food in our lives, as well as many other thought-shifts which ultimately resulted in habit changes that led to health improvement.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Korean Food and Restaurants

Korean Food and Restaurants GuideFrom traditional to street food, this 46-page practical beginner’s guide to Korean food and restaurants will help you feel comfortable ordering and eating meals in South Korea.

It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I first moved there, loaded with the language, inside tips, and confidence that will help you enjoy memorable meals from day one.

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Free Resources

How to Make a Personal Compass (Zine)

How to Make a Personal Compass - Zine

This mini-book zine walks you through the steps to making your own personal compass.

Simply print it off, make two cuts and fold (like this), and start using!

>> Here’s the printable PDF.

Self-permission Cards (Printable)

Self-permission cards - to create, explore, and share

Sometimes it can help to give ourselves permission to do things which society taught us to be “bad” or “unproductive”—like failing or creating for fun.

This template of eight different cards will allow you to give yourself permission to create, explore, share, try, fail, be rejected, and to unapologetically be yourself.

Print it out and use the already-made cards, or use the blank template to come up with your own phrases!

>> The PDF templates are here.

Resources for Purchase

Handwritten Holiday Letters ($2+)

Each holiday season I create a handwritten holiday letter of some sort, which I mail out to family and friends. Whether you’re interested in learning more about me or want fresh ideas for your own creative holiday letter, I appreciate your support! The letters can be downloaded as PDFs, following the links below.

>> Here’s my 2019 holiday letter… created in July 2020!

>> Here’s my 2018 holiday letter.

>> Here are my 2016 & 2017 letters, which come together as a pair.