Reflecting: April 2020

A breath for here and now.

First, a collection of things I’m proud of and celebrating from the past month:

April: Proud of

  • Notably leaning closer towards abundance than scarcity (giving some books and clothes away, only getting a few items at grocery store visits).
  • Sharing my experiences as an ACE alumni on Zoom conference call with current members.
  • Painting portraits, and starting to paint non-portraits again.
  • Feeling the lows; going there when it comes; not putting much weight on any day’s emotions.
  • Putting up signs at the PO
  • Snail mail sent
  • Blog posts written earlier in the month when I had burst of creative energy
  • Time spent staring at birds, deer, and my clothes drying on the spinning laundry line
  • Turned boat towards Body Flow
  • Drove to Flagstaff for background check stuff for new job
  • 31 years on this Earth!

Then, a look back on my quarter 2 focuses.

Q2 Focuses

1. Spiritual Exploration

Grounding and gratitude were tools I turned to a week and a half ago, when the summer job was perhaps no longer, and mood was cloudy. Rollercoaster week.

There was some great releasing / letting go of that happened a few times this month, the most recent being the actual release, which feels freeing, and took the time it took.

Some big Universe Magic happened in the last 24 hours, and I’m grateful. Huge pieces fell together so wonderfully. But I find myself thinking This was too good, too easy, something not great is going to happen to even it out. So, I’m practicing accepting this gift and trusting magic can be the way; there’s no rule that says things must “even out,” whatever that even means.

I’m exploring Incoming Selves with Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self from April 20 to August or September, but haven’t entered the space yet. That’s my focus this week, to meet with my incomings twice.

2. Body Flow

Putting my attention towards this single act really brought it to the front of my mind. I even found myself body flowing at lunch during the work day a few times!

I experimented and found that lately, putting on a podcast and moving intuitively is more fun than playing a yoga video — so that’s what I’m doing.

3. Songwriting Play

I don’t think this was weekly, but I had some fun play sessions earlier in the month for sure.

The movie “Sing Street” and Fiona Apple’s new album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” were great songwriting motivation/energy this month, too.


All three areas feel good to continue into the next month, with spiritual exploration being most important. And when things shift, they’ll shift.

How did the past 30 days—an arbitrary unit of time called “April”—feel for you? Anything you want to celebrate or share below?