[The Encouraging Times] Like & Tell

The following is a submission for The Encouraging Times, a collection of encouraging happenings around us.

A friend of mine from college, Timothy Fehling, recently started a project called Like & Tell.

The premise is simple, powerful, and uplifting: He finds things that he likes on the internet, and then emails the creator to tell them what he likes about their creation.

On his site, Timothy shares both the artwork/creation he admires and the email that he sent. It makes my heart fuzzy to think about how that email probably made someone’s day, propelling them further, forever changing their path.

I especially appreciate that Timothy is taking the time to let humans know about their work’s impact in a space that so often lacks this aspect: online.

Thank you, Tim, for bringing this project to life and for sharing it with me!

I warmly invite you to share a story/moment/sighting from your life that made you feel encouraged/hopeful. I will share it here on the blog, such that its light can spread exponentially.