Rebecca Thering 2017Hi there! I’m Rebecca, and welcome to my home on the internet.

It’s a space I use to…

  • write and share my thoughts [Blog],
  • meet fellow optimistic creatives for friends and fun collaboration [Community],
  • share past and current projects [Projects], and
  • openly track my slow journeys [Bit by Bit].

I’m often reminding myself to do the following (which are shared publicly here, for anyone who appreciates such reminders):

  • turn up my inner voice and turn down the “expert” noise,
  • thank those who have had an impact—big or small—in my life,
  • start a small personal project,
  • spend more time creating,
  • give myself permission to pursue my curiosities (and have fun doing it!), or
  • bring attention to my values in everyday moments and small decisions.

Summer/Fall 2018: From May-October 2018 I’m serving on Rocky Mountain Youth Corps doing conservation work throughout the region. We’ll live in our tents and travel from work site to work site, so online time will be sparse. I won’t be blogging during this time, but should have limited access to email. Thanks for your patience!

My latest happenings can always be found at [Lately].

If you want to learn more about me, head to [About] or check out my [Values].

I appreciate you being here and wish you an excellent day!


P.S. – If it feels right, I’d love for you to [Say Hello] so we can meet. Honestly, a big reason I have this online home is to make friends! 🙂