Hi there! I’m Rebecca, and welcome to my home on the internet. This site is not me; it’s a website.

Following that thread, in 2019 I made a handwritten zine called This Zine Isn’t Me. (It’s a Zine). I’ll be delighted to mail you a copy that you can hold in your hands and enjoy with a cozy beverage.

In January 2022 I published another zine called This Zine Makes Roots Visible, which explores themes of experiencing > measuring and the importance of expressing gratitude.

I’m often:

  • listening to my intuition
  • drinking tea
  • connecting with Mother Earth
  • thanking those who have had an impact—big or small—in my life
  • playfully creating
  • looking up; listening; noticing; looking for clues and coincidences
  • pursuing my curiosities for the fun of it
  • following my Inner Knowing in everyday moments and small decisions
  • spreading kindness and practicing patience
  • noticing sensations in my body

If you want to learn a little bit more about me, head to [About].

Browse a collection of essays and blog posts written by past-me’s, organized by category, at [Archives].

And for the ebooks, zines, and other handwritten things I’ve created, visit [Word Creations] and [Zines].

I appreciate you being here and wish you an excellent day.

Sending light,