2021: End of January – A Breathing Pause

I wrote about year-end reflections and Q1 intentions the other week, but wanted to place a brief bookmark here to pause and check-in with myself at the end of January. We pause but we’re still breathing, right? A breathing pause.

Pausing, Listening, Asking, Listening

How do I feel? My feelings change much throughout each day, but overall I feel safe and know I’m on the right journey, even if it’s a hard one this season. Soul healing is necessary; I’m moving through grief and deep pain. I believe this will be transformative work, even if I feel raw most of the time and miss having (more) energy. I feel supported by the people around me; this was reassured to me last week.

What do I want to illuminate? I want to illuminate gratitude. I want to illuminate walking. I want to illuminate going into the woods—even for 5 minutes—to connect with Nature throughout the week. I want to illuminate the strength and energy I do have, such that it may grow.

What do I want to transform? I want to transform loneliness into comfort and belonging, fear into love, and groans into gratitude. I want to transform overwhelm into focus when it comes to resources and teachers. I want to transform an outgrown feeling into a feels-right feeling (community).

Goodbye with Gratitude, Greeting with Grace

I thank you, January, for the love received and shared.

For the teachers, communities, and inspiration sent my way.

For reassuring that I’m welcome and supported here.

I welcome you warmly, February.

I bring to you a soft, open heart and a willingness to listen.

I ask that you turn my thoughts to gratitude and show me the strength I already possess.

Guide me towards healing and send your loving helpers & nature allies.

So mote it be.

February Guiding Goddess


Be Strong, she says.

“You are stronger than you think, and your strength assures a happy outcome.”

Q1 Intentions: February

1. Spirituality

Here are my spirituality focuses in February:

Story MammalYesterday I signed up for Molly Caro May’s new 6-week workshop: Story Mammal. I love Molly’s work, and it feels timely for where I’m at in my journey. I’m wary of having too many teachers / too much content intake at this point in time, so Story Mammal will have priority this month.

Gratitude journal. I bought the Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude, which arrived last week. It’s a book with five lines for each day, going through all months of the year. You do not need this book to jot down daily gratitude, but so far it’s helped me to actually do the practice, which feels good. It sits next to my bed, and I fill it out before going to sleep. Today will mark a week of the practice, so it’s starting to feel integrated into my routine.

Today I set up a gratitude altar, as well, which I will use throughout the month.

Daily ACIM. Today is Day 31. The book sits next to my bedside, and I’d like to continue doing an exercise each day, as I’ve done in January.

February Spirituality Actions:

  • Make Compass with the new directions gathered earlier in January ( & use weekly).
  • Identify new quote for room
  • Make new quotes for room
  • Put up new quotes in room
  • Use Spirituality notebook to take notes / digest while reading / podcasting.

2. Feldenkrais

  • Two classes per week of “For Standing, Walking, and Running” collection.

3. Close Loops

  • Transfer Mind Maps to RRT.
  • Transfer Trains on Main to RRT.
  • Transfer Personal Compass to RRT.
  • Transfer Plane Tales to RRT.
  • 25-min look at to-read books and to-listen podcasts. Use intuition and spiritual tools to change thought until that situation feels less burdensome and more easeful.
  • Back-up photos on external hard drive.


The above is 99% for me, hitting “Publish” is for you.

Sending light and love.
Breathing in and out, here and now.

We pause, we breathe.
In slowing, we see more clearly.
In breathing, we are here.
Grateful for your presence; be well.