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Reflecting: August 2020

I switched host providers this past month, and in the transfer I lost all the blog posts I’d written in the past month. A few of the shorter ones I rewrote, back-dated, and republished, but it was not worth the energy to rewrite my July end-of-month reflection.

So, I’m going from a blank slate here, with faint memories of what I wrote last month. Read more

Reflecting: Q2 of 2020

The start of July marked the halfway point of 2020, the end of quarter 2 and beginning of quarter 3. Like any human-made unit—week, month, quarter, etc.—this is an arbitrary unit, but I like to use the occasion as a chance to stop turning pages and instead plop in a bookmark. A pause. Some deep breaths. A look back.

After our 2-hr video call Q2 reflection with my retreat group last weekend, I used Nicole Antoinette’s mid-year reflection workbook “Now What?” this weekend to guide a deeper reflection sit-down. Read more

Freedom of Menus

Last month, a friend from my January retreat/ongoing mastermind shared with us that she’d made herself a menu of options for her mornings. Instead of sticking to a “morning routine,” now when she woke up she could look at the menu and pick whatever felt best for herself that particular morning.

A menu! Read more

You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows

As a fun experiment, I’ve recorded myself reading this essay. Listen below—in three parts—or simply scroll down to read.

Last spring, before I headed to the trailhead of the 800-mile Arizona Trail I was about to thru-hike, I loaded up my water supply to full capacity: 6 liters.

I wasn’t sure what water sources would be like nor how frequently I’d come across them, so I wanted to err on the safe side.

Four of those liters were easily accessible while hiking: two gatorade bottles and two smart water bottles.

The other two liters were stored in a Platypus—a clear, flexible water container—which lived deep in the back of my pack. It was not easily accessible while hiking, and in my mind I thought of it as my “emergency water.” Just in case.

After the first two days, I’d crossed enough flowing streams to know that two liters of emergency water was overkill. There was no reason to be carrying all of this dead weight! Read more

2019 Year-end Reflections + 2020 Focuses

A Look Back at 2019

For me, looking back on the year I can see five distinct seasons:

Five Seasons of 2019

1. France Sojourn (Jan. – Feb.)

I opened the new year feeling like I needed a release from expectation and striving, so I gave myself permission to do whatever I pleased with no guilt. I stayed with a friend for a month and a half in a small costal town outside of Nantes. I had very calm, solo days, filled with reading, watching Netflix (The Good Place, Home Made Simple, The Hook-up Plan, Call My Agent), cooking, baking, and taking walks. I did a very tiny bit of drawing, some yoga. I also experienced feelings of inferiority, trying to fit in to French culture and do things the “right way,” act appropriately in social situations. Applied to two jobs. And then, my final week, received the news that Cathleen had died. Read more

2019: The Year in Books

Twenty-nineteen certainly was the year of books for me. Even though I did not read during the two months of my AZT thru-hike, I still read 21 more books than last year. I was unemployed until mid-November this year, though, so it makes sense that I spent more time reading. That said, while grieving, I did notice my pace get too fast, blasting through merely so the book would be complete, so there would be some ease/relief of being finished. So, I’ve been trying to slow it back down in 2020.

Below are the books from 2019 that have stayed with me, and that I’m most excited to recommend. There are plenty of books I enjoyed this year which aren’t listed below, so here’s the full list if you’re interested.

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