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2019: The Year in Books

Twenty-nineteen certainly was the year of books for me. Even though I did not read during the two months of my AZT thru-hike, I still read 21 more books than last year. I was unemployed until mid-November this year, though, so it makes sense that I spent more time reading. That said, while grieving, I did notice my pace get too fast, blasting through merely so the book would be complete, so there would be some ease/relief of being finished. So, I’ve been trying to slow it back down in 2020.

Below are the books from 2019 that have stayed with me, and that I’m most excited to recommend. There are plenty of books I enjoyed this year which aren’t listed below, so here’s the full list if you’re interested.

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Reflecting: September 2019

Hello, October.

Much is different from when I last wrote: I’m on the road in Elereen (my Honda Element), writing today from a library in Colorado. Over the weekend I attended The Land Institute’s Prairie Festival in Kansas. I’ll write more about that org and experience at some point, but in the meantime, click the link to learn more.

That’s my largest external change. Internally, there aren’t words to describe what’s been going on. Grief is doing its unpredictable thing, among everything else. It’s been an intense week, emotionally difficult. And today I’ve just arrived back in Colorado, on the roads I drove last summer. It feels surreal. I sat by a beautiful stream surrounded by fall foliage as I ate an avocado and tomatoes for lunch, reveling in that amazing smell of this landscape, so grateful to be in this place, and tears—familiar now—began to fall. I suppose this is my “new normal,” but it still feels foreign, not like me. I miss feeling like me. Hah, remember when I said there weren’t words to describe what’s been going on? This little paragraph is grossly (grossly!) incomplete, so I’m going to leave it there and turn to look back at my focuses from September. Read more

Before/After: Summer 2019 in Pictures

I’ve been in a slower, hibernation-esque personal season this summer. While my inner-environment has been ever-changing and ungrounded, I found myself getting into many outer-environment projects these past three months: order/calm I can see and touch.

Looking back, this fits right in with how I began the year—watching Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and “Home Made Simple” during January and February. Read more

Marianne Williamson: 2020

Have you heard of Marianne Williamson? She is exactly who we need to lead this country.

Read her story. Watch her speak.


Maybe you’ll be drawn in like I’ve been, and watch her hour-long conversation here.

So articulate. So many supportive facts. So much whole-hearted thinking, acknowledging that humans have a body, mind, and emotions. She cuts deep to the core of each issue, instead of bandaid, surface fixes. So much love and compassion.

She needs 15,000 more individual donations to qualify for the next debate. You can make that happen! It can be a $1 donation, that’s a-ok. Here’s where you can donate. We need her voice on the stage; let’s make this happen, friends!