2021: End of April — A Breathing Pause

I’m partway into May, feeling settled in my new home — with just me here. A housemate will move in on Friday and energy will shift and I will adjust.

But for now, it’s been two calm weekends alone at the house, which is just what I need. Just my rhythm. Read more

2021: End of March – A Breathing Pause

March was a month of healing, of energy shifts, of transformation.

It was the month of chainsawing and no longer feeling Raw,

Integrating my Story Mammal learnings, and moving from weekend pancakes to weekend waffles.

Five folks left, Craig came back for a blink, new folks arrived again.

And so it is, that I’m looking back on the month through the lens of my Q1 intentions. Read more

2021: End of February – A Breathing Pause

Yesterday, after hanging my laundry out to dry, the mess in my bedroom called for attention.

I began to put away, pick up, vacuum.

Next thing I knew, I was pushing furniture and rearranging the entire space.

An hour and a half later, I could feel the change in energy of the room.

It was a welcome external change to the internal shift I’d felt just days earlier.

Then I realized—this morning—that yesterday had been the last day of the month. And so I’m here, reflecting, checking in, pausing as I continue to breathe. Read more