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MIndfulness in Plain English Notes 4

[Book Notes] Mindfulness in Plain English

Last month my brother Luke recommended I read “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana, a straightforward text that teaches Vipassana (Insight) Meditation. (That link goes to a PDF of the full book, by the way.)

It looked right up my alley, so I made it a focus for February, reading a chapter per day or two. To take the information in more slowly, I took notes by hand in my journal. I did this for myself, to be more intentional about the learning and to have a future reference.

Now that the notes exist, I’m sharing them below—in case anyone is looking for a refresher or is curious about this book. To see any page bigger, right click on the image and select “Open Image in New Tab.” Read more