Time, Asking, and Presence

Hello, friends.

Today I want to share three experiences with you, which bring more light into the world.

About Time

Luke Thering (my brother) has written a three-track mini-album which reflects on time: past, present, and future. He also made an animated music video to accompany the first song, “That Old Song.”

“That Old Song” makes me feel nostalgic, fluid, and grateful for small moments.

How It Works

All proceeds from January through March 2021 will be donated, divided evenly between these three charities:

-Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund
-Equal Justice Initiative
-A Well-Fed World

Interested? You can purchase & listen to the album here.



The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge is a 5-day challenge (March 1-5, 2021) hosted by Alexandra Franzen.

All of Alex’s teachings leave me feeling inspired, energized, and hopeful.

How It Works

“Each day of the challenge, you will GIVE (do a tiny act of generosity for someone else—like a friend, colleague, client, or even a complete stranger) and then ASK (ask for something you want—ask someone to hire you, ask for an opportunity, ask for support, or anything else).

Give. Ask. Receive. That’s it. Simple and powerful. Repeat 5 days in a row. Watch the magic that happens next!”

Interested? You can join here.


Presence in Post

Anna Andersson is sharing photos “of landscapes, flora, and skies that continue to bring presence, place, and sauntering to the forefront” of her life in the form of four postcards/month.

A friend gifted me this project in January. Receiving Anna’s thoughtful letter (with the postcards) and mailing out the four postcards made me feel connected, grateful, and present.

How It Works:

“Each month you’ll receive four postcards to send on to people that would love to open their mailbox to handwritten mail (maybe safe to say, everyone!). I will be including a letter each month, reflecting on the learning and stories that these captured moments gifted me.

Subscribe by the 31st of the month to receive postcards for the upcoming month.
If you’d like to cancel your subscription, make sure to do so by the 31st as well!”

Interested? You can subscribe for a month+ here.


Sending you a deep breath of light, here and now.