[New Zine] This Zine Isn’t Me


A quick note from me to let you know that I’ve just finished the zine I’ve been working on for the latter part of this year: “This Zine Isn’t Me.”

This Zine Isn't Me

The ideas explored in this zine—self-identity, the complexity/depth of a human being, the relationship between creators and their creations, and how we can make space for nuance and humanity in our world—have been swirling around in my mind over the past two years.

This summer (2019) I began writing them down on scratch paper, until I had a stack of papers filled with scribbles, ideas, and moments from my life.

This fall I worked on typing them up into something more coherent. (That was my “Boxes” project I referred to in many resolution checkpoints.)

And this winter I hand-wrote those 36 typed pages into this 82-page illustrated zine.

This past week I worked on assembly of the 82 half-sheets into full sheets that could be photocopied into a booklet. I copied almost 400 pages at the library yesterday ($40) and then folded and assembled half of the zines.

The other half I’ll fold tonight, and then it’s a matter of binding the zines with thread.

If you’d like your own copy—mailed to your door, or perhaps to send to a friend—you can purchase the zine here for $15 (shipping included).

If you know someone who might be interested in this creation, you can share this page with them.


I wish you much relaxation, reflection, and space over the New Year.