This Zine Makes Roots Visible

This Zine Makes Roots Visible

“This Zine Makes Roots Visible” explores the harder-to-measure traits which are foundational to life: love, kindness, compassion, patience, etc. (our roots). Through personal stories, I prompt reflection and consider ways to make these values visible to ourselves and others—while living in a society where these qualities are often undervalued and harder to see. Theme: Experiencing > Measuring.


You Might Like This Zine If…

  • You’re a fan of handwritten creations, made from the heart
  • You think about how our daily actions affect others, what’s important in a lifetime, or how good it feels when someone thanks us for being ourselves
  • You’ve held onto an important letter from a loved one, or are delighted to receive snail mail
  • You could use a reminder of the good in this world, and the power we have to mold our communities each day—using traits of the sacred feminine
  • You want to read something hopeful and inspiring


Readers Are Saying…

“Your zine is a work of art, you are so fluid with your thoughts and words. It’s beautiful, as are you.”

“Rebecca – your zine!!! What a delight to read and admire. … I was so captivated I read the whole thing and stayed up past 11 enjoying it. So thoughtful and lovely.”

If you’d like to share some words here after reading, I warmly invite you to share. How did this zine make you feel? Who would you recommend it to? I’d love to share your words here!


The Details…

  • 100 pages
  • Handwritten and illustrated (& hand-copied, folded, and bound)
  • $20+ (U.S. Shipping included, add $1 for international) or trade (see below)
  • Published January 2022

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