This Zine Makes Roots Visible

This Zine Makes Roots Visible

“This Zine Makes Roots Visible” explores the harder-to-measure traits which are foundational to life: love, kindness, compassion, patience, etc. (our roots). Through personal stories, I prompt reflection and consider ways to make these values visible to ourselves and others—while living in a society where these qualities are often undervalued and harder to see. Theme: Experiencing > Measuring.


You Might Like This Zine If…

  • You’re a fan of handwritten creations, made from the heart
  • You think about how our daily actions affect others, what’s important in a lifetime, or how good it feels when someone thanks us for being ourselves
  • You’ve held onto an important letter from a loved one, or are delighted to receive snail mail
  • You could use a reminder of the good in this world, and the power we have to mold our communities each day—using traits of the sacred feminine
  • You want to read something hopeful and inspiring


Readers Are Saying…

“Your zine is a work of art, you are so fluid with your thoughts and words. It’s beautiful, as are you.”



“Rebecca – your zine!!! What a delight to read and admire. … I was so captivated I read the whole thing and stayed up past 11 enjoying it. So thoughtful and lovely.”



I absolutely LOVE your zine. … I am inspired not just by this collection and your creativity, but by your courageousness. To bring what you are learning, the entirety of it, to these pages and allowing others to read, ponder, question, learn. … It is a treasure indeed.



If you’d like to share some words here after reading, I warmly invite you to share. How did this zine make you feel? Who would you recommend it to? I’d love to share your words here!


The Details…

  • 100 pages
  • Handwritten and illustrated (& hand-copied, folded, and bound)
  • $20+ (U.S. Shipping included, add $1 for international) or trade (see below)
  • Published January 2022

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