• April – Receive Sheaffer fountain calligraphy pens for my birthday.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen Mini Kit

  • Over the next two years I slowly dabble with these pens in an old Gothic calligraphy workbook I have.


  • October – I bring the fountain pens and Gothic calligraphy workbook along when I move to France.


  • January  In my 2016 resolutions I name calligraphy as one of my three focuses. I write “I’m considering calligraphy to 2016 as French was to 2015.”
  • February – I win an online giveaway! Lindsey from The Postman’s Knock mails my winnings to France—white ink, a black eraser, and a slide ruler. The package arrives the day I’m moving out because I’d broken up with my then-boyfriend, so it’s a welcome surprise.
  • March – While bumming at my friends’ in London post-breakup, because I don’t know where I’ll live, I take advantage of being in England and finally order a calligraphy pen, nib, and black ink online.
  • March – I print out a worksheet set from The Postman’s Knock
  • July – I start doing #calligcasts (calligraphy + podcast) to encourage myself to practice more frequently.

  • September – When leaving Montpellier, I give away my old calligraphy fountain pens since I’m now using a dip pen.
  • September 19 – I order an oblique pen online, and have it shipped to my parents’ home in Wisconsin for when I return stateside in October.
  • November – As a challenge (and forced practice), I decide to do calligraphy (recipient’s name only) on all of my Christmas cards.


  • January – I debate on whether or not to bring my calligraphy pen and ink with me on three months of backpacking, and ultimately leave them home.
  • This sets the tone for the months to follow, and I get absorbed in watercolor creation, still using faux calligraphy on envelopes and artwork, but it’s now August and I haven’t yet touched my ink this year!


The year has just ended, and upon updating this page I realized I didn’t touch my pen or ink the entire year!