Here’s what’s been going on with me lately:

I packed up everything in Flagstaff two weeks ago and left it all there—save my Tom Bihn backpack, which accompanied me on the shuttle + flight + airport “sleep” + bus home. My first few days back were full of holiday letter creation, copying, envelope addressing, stuffing, and mailing. Can’t wait to share my letter here (once it’s received by all international friends)—it was really fun to make.

Then this week I slithered into several days of Netflix (Mad Men, Orange Is the New Black – Season 5, Grey’s Anatomy), coupled with trouble sleeping at night (or simply staying up too late) and thus sleeping in. I’m not too worried, though, everything ebbs and flows.

I’ve also been baking/cooking quite a bit from the Minimalist Baker’s cookbook (checked out from the library). So much good stuff in here—definitely a cookbook to own. My favorite recipe might be the buttery biscuits, whose description says they’re the vegan version of Red Lobster biscuits. So good!

Everything in the cookbook is vegan, by the way. I’ve also made two batches of their chocolate chip cookies, peppermint patties, and almond joy cookies for the holidays. I took some to a Fab Five dinner on Wednesday night, and made more today for Christmas/New Year’s (froze half). We’ll be having lasagna on Christmas, so I’ll be using that recipe for the first time on Monday so that I can eat the same meal as everyone else.

Yesterday I finished a mini-project which involved choosing a poem for each member of my family then writing it out and putting it in a watercolor frame. Aka a homemade Christmas gift! This is another project I’ll share on the blog once it’s gifted.

I’m exploring who I want to become in 2018 and what my guiding directions will be. Two friends and I worked on some “18 things to do in 2018” lists last weekend, complete with fun tarot card readings (using these goddess cards).

I’m not sure if a list of 18 things is the right format for me to follow… I did some year-end reflecting this week and there are lots of things I’m pulled towards, but a singular focus isn’t clear yet. Looking in the past, I seem to only make notable progress when I focus on ONE thing (i.e. French, my two months of PT/yoga first, the months of meditation when that was the only daily checkmark I needed to get). Is it realistic to have three must-do’s each day (meditate, write, stretch/yoga) plus all of the would-like-to-do’s (sketch/art journal, ukulele/guitar, read, walk, write poetry)? I’ll continue to explore and listen to my hut (heart + gut), but I’ll probably learn the most by choosing a direction and walking towards it. Learn by doing, adjust as necessary, continue.

Full year-end reflection to come, on the blog!


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