Here’s what’s been going on with me lately:

I just got back from my second “hitch”—this time I was working with herbicide to remove invasive Buffelgrass outside of Tuscon. At our campsite in Catalina State Park there were five black widows living under our picnic table, tarantulas that ran around at night, Gunnison’s prairie dogs, and a scorpion that kept haunting me in the bathroom.

ACE Buffelgrass Elimination

We were spraying from a rocky mountain in the desert, so climbing up that twice each day was a great leg workout and reminder that life is finite. We all survived—no avalanche incidents, animal bites, or injuries beyond getting stuck with cholla, which are nasty prickly cactus balls which easily get stuck in your skin and stings much worse than you’d imagine.


My first hitch was so awesome that I’ve since extended my AmeriCorps term to 900 hours: six months instead of three in Flagstaff.

ACE Hitch #1
Crew from hitch #1

On my first set of off days I went to a meetup with the local “Upper 20s and 30s Social Group,” a “Globetrotters” meetup at a cool cafe, had an art day with a friend, and went to an evening of lindy hop lessons/social dancing.

I now have six days off before my next hitch, which will be a longer one (2.5 weeks) in Havasu, AZ. It’s an interesting schedule—to try and keep up all my regular hobbies (snail mail, painting, writing, blogging), update friends/family (phone calls, emails), hang out with ACE friends, make new friends (Meetups, lindy hop), explore Flagstaff, and take advantage of the location for nearby travel/outdoor adventures—all in six days, but I’ll make it work.

This page was last updated September 27, 2017, and was inspired by Derek Sivers.