Here’s where my attention has been lately:

At work we’ve been building an ADA trail, which involves cutting 8′ logs so the edges match up smoothly, drilling holes for rebar, and pounding in rebar with a double jack. We’ll also need to fill between the logs with 2″ gravel, and then a top layer of finer gravel, and tamp it down.

This area is very pumice-y/dusty, so when the Canycoms (machinery) drive past, it kicks up the pumice which is damaging to lungs (contains silica). We wear respirators when driving machinery, but not when building.

Reading: Pete Holms’s memoir “Comedy Sex God,” “The Invention of Wings” (Sue Monk Kidd). A friend’s recent self-given spiritual/creative retreat inspired me to start reading Natalie Goldberg’s “Wild Mind.” She’s a favorite author of mine, so when I see a book of hers in a thrift shop that I know I’ll want to reread, I buy it. This one has been with me since last fall, but it’s a first-time read! The joy. Still reading a page or so of Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love” in the mornings to center myself before work.

Shamanic Healing: This week I’m starting a 7-week Energy Body class (by Last Mask Center), which I’m excited for. Most looking forward to some structure / accountability (taking this learning pursuit more seriously) and meeting fellow classmates (would love to meet more people interested in this field!)

Songwriting: There’s a Mary Oliver poem (“Anne”) that I’m putting to music, and it’s been stuck in my head all week! (That’s a good sign, right?) The feeling surrounding this is mostly fun/excitement to play around, experiment, and try recording — seeing what I can make at this moment in time.

Back-of-mind thinking: about where to go/live/work/not-work when my season ends here at Crater Lake. Our end dates are listed as November 7, but if snow comes early—as it did last year, at the end of September—the trail season will end early.

This page was last updated August 28, 2020 and was inspired by Derek Sivers‘s “Now” page.

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