Here’s what’s been going on with me lately:

I’ve been working in the Grand Canyon this month, and am scheduled to return there on Tuesday for my final hitch of 2017.

Grand Canyon

We’ve been working on Hermit’s Trail, a backcountry trail on the south rim. The first hitch I was front country, meaning we (4-person crew) camped up on the rim and drove 20 minutes to the trail head each day, where we then hiked down just over an hour to our work site.

This past hitch I was with the backcountry half of the crew, meaning we camped on a ridge halfway down the canyon and worked farther down the trail. It was warmer in the evenings down there, but a few of the nights were insanely windy, preventing me from sleeping and also snapping my tent poles. (!!)

My off days have been few since October, due to a number of factors. This all means I’ve hardly spent anytime online—which is excellent for the most part, though I’d like to be blogging and sending email updates to family/friends. For now the plan is to write a bunch when I’m home over furlough, the period we have off from December 9 – January 6.

I’m looking forward to next month’s Moment Sketchers challenge, and am planning to do a “10 portraits in 10 days” over furlough to make greater progress on my 100 Portraits project. Other plans for furlough include getting back into yoga, reading, writing, keeping up with my vegan diet, and seeing friends/family.

I’m still just as happy to be serving in ACE as I was last month, thankful for my housemates and the welcoming community of people this organization attracts.

Art Day November
An Art Day in November

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