AZT Thru-Hike: How Much Did It Cost?

I spent roughly $3,000 to thru-hike the Arizona Trail, including new gear, transportation, food, lodging, and incidentals.

AZT Costs: At a Glance

Here’s how it breaks down, plus some notes:

Gear – $1,300
Transportation – $700
Food – $700
Shipping/etc. – $170

Gear: This being my first thru-hike, and knowing hiking/camping adventures will continue to be part of my life post-AZT, I chose to invest in several major ultralight items (backpack, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag). Clearly this cost would have been much lower if I hadn’t wanted these.

Transportation: This includes travel to/from Wisconsin and to/from the trail within Arizona. The only time I paid for lodging was on my final night in Page, AZ after finishing the trail—to shower and be within walking distance of the airport for my morning flight.

Food: Food quality is important to me. I aim to eat whole foods plant-based, and organic if possible—so that’s a peek at the stories behind this number.

AZT Cost Spreadsheets

You can see detailed spreadsheets of my thru-hike costs here, or view them below.

Clearly your own costs will vary based on your budget, travel style, and personal preferences. You could spend much less, and you could spend much more!

Have any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll gladly respond!