[PDF] Arizona Trail Thru-Hiking Bingo

While thru-hiking the Arizona Trail this spring, I thought it would be fun to make a Bingo sheet for future AZT hikers. I kept a running list of possible squares while hiking, and finally started working on it in earnest this week.

Here’s what I’ve created:

One aim was to highlight those moments worth celebrating (i.e. getting a great hitch to/from a trailhead, stumbling upon the perfect place to camp, seeing a gila monster) and to encourage some slowing down (i.e. watching lizards do push-ups, thanking trail/public lands workers and volunteers).

Arizona Trail Bingo

I also included some less-pleasant moments (i.e. first rattlesnake, hiking in hail, having to hike further than you’d planned in a day)… because at least you get to fill in a bingo square!

Arizona Trail Bingo

Here’s the PDF of this AZT Bingo sheet that you can print out for personal use.

I’d love to hear if anyone prints this out and gives it a whirl!

And for those familiar with the trail—what squares would you have included? What were some of your more memorable moments on the AZT?